Start with the end in mind. That maxim applies especially well to construction projects because, for Kramer professionals, THE END is more than just how a project will look silhouetted against an cloudy sky; it’s also about satisfying dreams our customer had when they first conceived of this design – and improving on them where possible! What do we need? How can you help us make life better up there or bring more happiness into someone else’s world as soon as possible during preconstruction phase, the early planning stages of a project, our design and construction departments will work with the client to develop drawings, budgets, and schedules while providing insight into the contributing variables such as materials and construction methods.

Kramer’s goal in every project’s preconstruction is to lay the groundwork of construction so that disruptions are avoided as it advances and completes. Kramer strives to provide the most efficient and cost-effective construction solutions by working closely with clients from preconstruction through post installation. This ensures that projects are completed without any disruptions, while also maximizing value for our customers’ investment in us!


“Kramer  has become an industry leader in the construction business, not just because they are innovative and creative but also extremely customer-oriented.  They will do anything it takes to realize your dream with their great work ethic that can be seen on every project The group handles!”

Head of Operations

Retail Division, Chicago Suburbs