construction management

Kramer Construction understands that every project is different, which means our services will be tailored to meet your specific goals. We work closely with you and other stakeholders in order for us achieve what’s desired from this endeavor–a successful conclusion! With realistic estimates on timing & cost as well as reliable communication throughout all stages of construction management; there are many reasons why partnering up could seriously harm someone else more than it does yourself by taking advantage now while these opportunities exist.  We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure a quality project that will surpass your expectations.


“The team at Kramer Construction has been fantastic to work with. We knew we were going into this project quickly and required a contractor that would be willing take the necessary steps towards getting our job done, which is why your company stood out from all others! Your management skills during selection process really impressed me – you’re able mediators made sure everyone’s needs got met while still keeping things on track for deadlines -I can’t say enough good things about how happy I am working alongside such professionals.”

Executive Director

Facilities and Planning, Northwest