general contracting

At Kramer Construction, we work with a forward-thinking approach that combines real teamwork and modern technology to give you an organized delivery. Our experience as general contractors allows us to manage hiring, overseeing subcontractors on your project for timely completion without any hitches or problems. We have established long lasting relationships within the top industry professionals who thoroughly vet each potential worker before they start their job so we can provide quality service throughout every phase of construction including planning sessions where boundaries are set forth by what’s expected from everyone involved in making this happen.  


“Kramer Construction is a great general contractor to work with. Not only do they have an excellent track record of quality delivery, but their team also made sure we were always informed and in control throughout the project process! Our client already trusts them enough for next project too – it looks like there’s no one better than the folks over at Kramer Construction when you need someone reliable who’ll go above-and beyond your expectations every step along the way.”

Director of Finance & Operations

Midwest Region