Our company core values are the foundation of everything we do: communication, collaboration, innovation, and elevation. We believe that these values are essential for any great project and for building successful relationships with our clients. By living these values every day, we create a work environment and culture that is based on respect, trust, and mutual success.

Kramer Construction & Management, Inc. takes immense pride in the standards & integrity that is kept on all projects from start to finish.  When it comes to construction schedules, material pricing, & other client-related items, we maintain the utmost transparency throughout the duration of the entire project with our clients & sub-contractors.  We host dedicated weekly meetings on our projects where there is required representation from all contractors working on the property.  This meeting encompasses OSHA certified safety measures, maintaining of schedule, & detailed review of work in place.

Our clientele put their trust in us to bring their projects in both on time & with exceptional quality.  As the general contractor, Kramer Construction & Management, Inc. sets the standards & requirements that are to be maintained diligently.

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